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Scaling & Root Cleaning Services Miami Florida

Bellesmiles Dental provides scaling and root cleaning services to keep our patient’s teeth healthy and looking great for years to come. Periodontal scaling and root cleaning are a process where the dental expert will scrap plaque, dirt, or even left over food away from the gums and teeth; however, this type of teeth cleaning is much deeper than the average teeth cleaning you would experience by any home tools or over the counter products and should only be done by a dental professional such as the ones in our Miami office at Bellesmiles Dental. Deep teeth cleanings are essential for people who suffer from things such as tooth pains, tooth decay, or even just teeth that have become overly sensitive due to damage. We recommend seeing an expert before scheduling your scaling and root cleaning procedure. You can contact our expert dental team for more information on scaling and root cleaning using the button below. 

Scaling & Root Cleaning Services Miami Florida​

What Is Scaling & Root Cleaning?

Scaling and root cleaning is a procedure that removes hard deposits from the surfaces of your teeth, and it's also goes by the name of deep cleaning or gum treatment. Scaling and root cleaning can help prevent nasty mouth problems such as gum disease or cavities while being a crucial part in preventative care. You should consider this procedure if you have any of these symptoms: gums that bleed when you brush; persistent bad breath; tooth pain; sensitive teeth; tartar buildup on your teeth (the yellowish-brown stuff around the edges); receding gums (gum line moves away from the tooth). If left untreated, these conditions may lead to inflamed and bleeding gums, tooth loss, gum disease (also known as periodontitis), and many more. Scaling and root cleaning is a generally little to no pain type of procedure and can be done in a quick and safe manner. 

Do I Need Scaling Or Root Cleaning?

Is deep cleaning teeth necessary for you? If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, you may need scaling and root cleaning. This procedure is a deep cleanse for your teeth that remove hard deposits from surfaces, preventing nasty mouth problems like gum disease or cavities. The best way to determine if you need this procedure done is to regularly visit our dentists at Bellesmiles Dental and have us do an exam on your current dental hygiene. A check-up done by our dentists will give you a more accurate result and help you understand if you need this procedure done. If our dental team does find anything wrong with your teeth, they can recommend scaling or rooting cleaning as one of many possible solutions. Our dentists will safely and painlessly perform the scaling and root cleaning procedure on you at your preferred time when you book an appointment with us.

The Advantages Of Scaling & Rooting

There are many advantages to scaling and root cleaning services, one of which is removing plaque and tartar from building up on your teeth which helps to keep them clean and healthy. Tartar can start to build up in as little as twenty-four hours and if your teeth don’t get clean during meals, plaque turns into tartar and can lead to bigger problems such as gum diseases or even tooth decay. A problem like that can be easily prevented with a nice deep cleaning using our scaling and root cleaning services. 

Another advantage of scaling and root cleaning is that it can help to prevent bad breath. Tartar buildup can cause bacteria to form on the tongue and teeth, which ultimately leads to bad breath. Removing this plaque and tartar before it begins to build will help remove the bacteria and reduce the possibility of bad breath. 

Believe it or not scaling and root cleaning can also be a vital thing for people with diabetes as well, as studies show they are at a higher risk of developing gum disease. Scaling and root cleaning can help prevent or delay the onset of gum disease in people with diabetes and improve overall oral health. In addition, scaling and root cleaning is a relatively quick, painless procedure that can be performed in our dentist’s office at Bellesmiles Dental in Miami. Removing tartar and plaque from teeth is a simple procedure and can be done during one office visit at Bellesmiles Dental. Scaling and root cleaning is a safe and effective way to keep your teeth healthy and looking their best. 

Still wondering if deep cleaning teeth is necessary? Visit us at Belle Smiles Dental to best determine if deep cleaning is essential for you. At Bellesmiles Dental, we offer the best scaling and root cleaning service in the Miami area with customer satisfaction and the safety of our clients as the number one priority. Every procedure is conducted by a licensed dentist and per the required guidelines. If you need any scaling and root cleaning service, contact us and book an appointment with our team.