Dental Implant Services Miami Florida

Dental implants Miami are prosthetic tooth roots anchored onto your jaw to place a restorative tooth or bridge. You can opt for dental implants Miami Florida, if you have a missing tooth due to injury or oral disease. At Belle Smiles Dental we have qualified and experienced dentists that will help you get back your smile!

If your teeth are chipped or have decayed beyond saving, you might have to consider our dental implant service in South Florida. Our dental implant services in Miami are the contemporary alternative you can utilize to restore your teeth. Additionally, a dental implant in Miami can enhance your looks and boost self-confidence. Dental implants in South Florida are synthetic frames that serve as a root onto which a new restorative tooth can be affixed by our experienced dentists. We offer dental implants in Miami FL that can be utilized in restoring one tooth or several teeth by supporting a permanent bridge. 

Dental Implants Miami
Dental Implants Miami

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are metallic frames or posts that our dentists will surgically insert into your jawbone. Then, they are given time to bond with the bone within months after installation. Usually, Miami dental implants serve as a substitute for the root of a removed or destroyed tooth. Consequently, this “prosthetic tooth root” provides a robust foundation where our dentist affixes either a dental bridge or a denture. Since our dental implants in South Florida will eventually bond to your jawbone, they offer steady support for prosthetic teeth. In other words, bridges our dentist affixes to dental implants Miami Florida won’t shift inside your mouth.

Are Dental Implants For Me?

Not all individuals can be candidates for dental implants in Miami FL! This is because you must be free of gum diseases for this restorative procedure to be undertaken. Additionally, if you have diabetes or have any other chronic illness, a dental implant Miami might not be for you! Furthermore, our dentist will have to determine the state of your jawbone using 3-D images or X-rays of your oral cavity. If we discover that your jaw isn’t wide or thick enough, dental implants Miami might not be suitable for you.

The Advantages Of Dental Implants

1. Dental Implant can Restore Your Bite Force

Belle Smiles Dental implants in South Florida are affixed to your jaw using a titanium frame. Since the titanium post provides a robust foundation, you can bite with force equivalent to natural teeth. Other teeth restoration alternatives don’t offer that kind of bite force because they rest on top of your gums.

2. Dental Implants Allow Natural Speech

Other teeth restoration alternatives, including dentures, can negatively affect your natural speech. However, since our dental implants Miami feel and work similar to your natural teeth, they can allow you utter words naturally.

3. Dental Implants Miami Won’t Develop Cavities

Most prosthetic teeth require the same kind of care as your natural teeth to prevent infections and decay. However, the material that our dental implant Miami is fabricated from cannot decay. This implies that you won’t have to worry about developing cavities in your Miami dental implants! Additionally, this means you won’t incur extra dental implant cost Miami of replacing your decaying teeth.

4. Dental Implant Miami Provides Support to Your Adjacent Teeth

Gaps between your teeth due to a missing tooth can lead to shifting and misalignment of your teeth. We provide dental implants Miami that can help fill such gaps, enabling you to have straight teeth and an even smile. Additionally, our Miami dental implants can provide support to neighboring teeth.

5. Dental Implant Don’t Slip or Shift

When wearing dentures, you may feel self-conscious whenever you want to eat, speak, or laugh in public. That’s because dentures can noticeably slip or shift within your mouth. On the contrary, our dental implants Miami Florida are robustly affixed into position and can’t humiliate you in public!

6. Dental Implants are Simple to Care For

At Belle Smiles Dental we have dental implants in South Florida that don’t need unique items to clean. You won’t have to incur extra dental implant cost Miami of purchasing cleansing tablets or adhesives! You’ll only be required to brush your Miami dental implants, just the way you do with your natural teeth.

At Belle Smiles Dental we can install dental implants Miami FL that will provide you with a permanent solution to your dental problems. Besides, our dental implants Miami Florida can offer you other advantages, including resemblance to your natural teeth, support to adjacent teeth, and the ability to restore your bite force. If you’re looking for dental implants in south Florida don’t hesitate to contact us at Belle Smiles Dental to learn more!

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