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Gum Flap Surgery In Miami Florida

In the United States, oral health is a big issue. According to statistics, almost 20% of the adult population loses all of their teeth at the age of 60 or older. In fact, the problem starts early with almost 25% of head-start students having some sort of tooth decay. This lack of positive oral health often leads to a disease called periodontitis disease, more popularly known as gum disease. The usual treatments for gum disease can include antibiotics and cleanings which work most of the time as long as the gums are taken care of properly; however, there are instances where gum diseases can’t be cured with medicine or non-invasive measures. In those cases, gum flap surgery also sometimes called gingival flap surgery becomes necessary. This gets to the root cause of the problem, quite literally as a gum flap surgery dental specialist goes in and cleans the roots of the teeth and possibly repairs damaged bone too. If you’re planning to see our gum flap surgery dental specialist in Miami you can book appointment using the button below. 

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What Is Dental Flap Surgery?

Our gum flap surgery dental specialist will certainly answer any and all questions you'd have, but you'll probably want to know exactly what this type of surgery is beforehand so you can be informed during the consultation. The name says it all as the gum flap surgery dental specialist will cut a flap of the gums in order to get to the root of the teeth. The flap isn't removed permanently; however, the flap surgery dental specialist will sew the flap back once the procedure is done. After the flap is cut, the gum flap surgery dental specialist goes in cleans the gums and teeth roots while repairing any damaged bones with a bone graft using bone from other places in the body or synthetic material. The whole process, including recovery, can take anywhere between a few days or weeks depending on the severity.

Dental Flap Surgery

Do I Need Dental Flap Surgery?

Gum flap surgery treatment isn't always needed to treat severe gum disease. With the help of our dentist, you'll be able to determine if gingival flap surgery is the best treatment option for your severe gum disease. Surgery is usually the last resort if your gum disease hasn't responded to other treatment methods. If you have mild gum disease, you likely won't need a gum flap surgery treatment as surgery is only done in advanced cases. Symptoms of advanced cases include: Bleeding gums Receding gums Tooth decay/loss Teeth that can easily be moved Extreme halitosis The initial consultation with our gum flap surgery dental experts at Bellesmiles Dental will determine if you are a candidate for gingival flap surgery. If you are, there are several benefits you'll reap from the surgery, discussed in the next section.

The Advantages Of Gum Flap Surgery

Being told that you are a candidate for gingival flap surgery can be good and bad. On one hand, it means you’re getting the gum flap surgery treatment you need to improve your oral health. On the other, it means that your oral health is currently not in the greatest condition. The best news is that the gum flap surgery treatment will improve your oral health dramatically if you continue to take care of your oral health after the surgery.

One of the most noticeable perks of gingival flap surgery is the reduction or elimination of extreme halitosis. With extreme halitosis, your breath will smell bad no matter how many times you brush your teeth, but since the source of extreme halitosis is in the gums, gum flap surgery gum treatment can correct this.

Another advantage of gingival flap surgery is the quick recovery time. With our gum flap surgery dental experts, you’ll be up and running in a matter of days after the surgery. Of course, it takes an extended period of great oral care to get your oral health back to normal after the gum flap surgery, but very it’s possible to see great results almost immediately.

Gum flap surgery for gum treatments might not be right for everyone, but if you’re considering it for your oral health, working with a skilled dental surgeon at Bellesmiles Dental is your best bet. Schedule your appointment today by filling out one of the forms found throughout our website or giving our team a call.